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Sesami solutions offers comprehensive network consulting, implementation and management services for WAN (Wide Area Network). We have extensive expertise in implementing all sizes of Networks. While designing solution, regulatory requirements, scalability, flexibility and the investments already made in hardware and any legacy protocols/infrastructure is taken into consideration in order to reduce the cost.

We work closely with service providers; wireless, wired line, ISPs etc.

Our long-standing relationship and expertise in multi vendor technologies helps us provide the right solution to our clients. we are able to leverage emerging advances in IP convergence, optical, security, wireless and intelligent networking to quickly deliver proven, flexible, and reliable Solutions.

Design – Installation – Maintenance

Wireless RF Site Survey
As with any wireless solution, a professional site survey is required to understand the many aspects to any 802.11x network.

Coverage and Throughput
WAN Partnership's initial investigations will seek to understand the customer's requirements in terms of throughput and coverage. Is a full free roaming network required? How much of the premises need wireless coverage? How much throughput is required and can be achieved?

Building Materials and Plans
Any available building plans will be requested and the materials used in construction of any walls or partitions will be defined, as this will affect the propagation of RF signals.

Frequency Scan
Our engineers' remit will also include a scan of the area to understand if any existing Wireless LANs exist representing potential sources for interference.

Access Point Locations
Temporary Access Points (APs) will be deployed in order to define optimum locations with the chosen technology. This way a picture can be built up of areas of coverage.

Antenna Specification
Internal or external antennas will be specified from a range available to WAN Partnership to provide the best coverage to fit in with the customer's needs and security issues.

Frequency Planning
From the coverage survey frequency planning will need to be completed – different areas will require APs broadcasting on different channels.

Security Audit
An audit can be fulfilled on existing and to-be-installed networks to fully understand the security implications of any given network and manufacturer's product.

Cabling Requirements
Data and power cabling requirements will be identified and quoted for if required. WAN Partnership will collate all of this information along with diagrams and photographs illustrating mounting locations and procedures.