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About Us

Sesami Wireless is a pioneer in the long range wireless Ethernet market. Our products are designed to affordably enable Ethernet connections in perimeter or remote locations. Sesami products offer the ideal combination of data rate, security, interference avoidance, quality-of-service, and ease-of use that professional installers demand. Sesami was founded in 2005 and is venture backed by a team of prominent Silicon Valley investors. Since inception, Sesami has sold thousands of radios that have enabled applications ranging from access control to digital signage to surveillance.

Sesami is an expert in designing and developing networking products for SMB and Enterprise, ISP / WISP and Telecom. We offer featured and integrated solutions which allow customers to do "one stop shopping" and acquire custom-made products.

To create mutual profit with for our partners, Sesami continues to develop innovative solutions and most important guarantee quality of products. This commitment is corresponding to our business philosophy of selling ,Service, Solution and Satisfaction.

Sesami corporate headquarters are located in Chennai, India.