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Welcome to SESAMI

Sesami Wireless is a pioneer in the long range wireless Ethernet market. Our products are designed to affordably enable Ethernet connections in perimeter or remote locations. Sesami products offer the ideal combination of data rate, security, interference avoidance, quality-of-service, and ease-of use that professional installers demand. Sesami was founded in 2005 and is venture backed by a team of prominent Silicon Valley investors...

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"Sesami Solutions has been providing all our wirelss network requirements for past 3 years. They have assisted us twice when relocating. Time was of the essence in regard to being able to have our production up and running and our communications available. They always provided timely and high quality work. They are very knowledgeable and efficient and we would highly recommend them."

Sancotrans Limited

"Our Sesami Solutions is an expert in his field but does not intimidate clients by his wealth of knowledge. He is very personable, and communicates clearly and effectively. He is a caring individual who would be an asset to any organization."

Mr.Ravi Verma

"Sesami Solutions gave our wireless network system stability and better protections. They communicate well, and response to our requests is both prompt and successful in results. I would recommend Sesami Solution services."

Saveetha Engineering College

"I just wanted to start by telling you that we are happy with everything that your team has been doing, and have been pleasantly surprised by seeing initial results this quickly! I expect to see great things from the Sesami Solutions in the next 6 months!"


"We have worked with Sesami Solutions from their origin. They understand what good and talent look like and work hard to find it. Also they are prepared to challenge and push back to ensure the right outcome is achieved."

Mr.Mohammed Basha